Welcome To Tierra Grande

Welcome to Tierra Grande Realty! Tierra Grande, is an upscale community containing a platted 69,000 acre subdivision with tracts ranging from 5 to 40 acres of land for residential use. Restrictive covenants only allow site built homes.

Conveniently located 35-40 miles south of Albuquerque New Mexico, people have the best of both worlds. Country living and a short commute to a large metropolitan area.

Land and homes are listed for sale on this site with many visitors from around the world making land inquiries and purchasing property for personal or investment purposes.

The lay of the land is primarily level with the Monzano mountains just east of the subdivision. All the property owners have Recreational use of the mountain area


New Mexico is a Best-Kept Secret as a State and an Ideal Retirement Location! Let me explain why, this statement has been so true.

When I began selling Real Estate in New Mexico in the early 1970’s, people would call in to our office from the East Coast and ask us some…, what I would call, Funny Questions.

Do we need a Visa or Passport to visit? or What about shots or vaccination before we enter New Mexico?  This one is my favorite.  Do you folks still have hitching posts on your streets for your horses in Albuquerque?

All of us who received these questions would laugh and joke, but now you can see that over 4 decades ago, many thought we were a foreign country and rode our horses to work.

New Mexico-USA

Our State Tourism Department, in order to counteract this view, has advertised us as “New Mexico, USA”  You now may be asking your self….,       So Why Do…, people Retire There?

As a USA State, New Mexico has essentially everything its neighbor Arizona has – but without the congestion and with a milder climate.

New Mexico averages 256 sunny days annually and in some regions more than 300 days of sunshine. During the summer months in the Albuquerque area, our Temperatures are usually in the 90 degree range



Environment is probably one of the chief reasons, among others, why people choose New Mexico. Blue Skies, Clean Air and Beautiful orangepurple and Fire Red sunsets.  Our Sunsets are a Beautiful Site to behold.

So, How Can You be part of this Best Kept Secret!  Simply, View and Purchase the Advertised Property on this Web Site. Then you too, can become part of the Best Kept Secret, even here in New Mexico.

I’m Talking about “Tierra Grande” were the owners actually do own a part of the Monzano Mountains, through their Association. Does the Subdivision you live in,… own a Mountain?


Our Mission To You….,is

To promote the Purchase and Sale of New Mexico Real Estate and Tierra Grande Estates in particular.  To help you Preserve your property Values and promote Sound Development of our Community.

Finally, to provide this Informational Forum for all you interested Buyers. Plus help you, the Seller, Market your own property Successfully by promoting it to a World Wide audience of potential Purchasers.


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